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Academic Antics (http://www.academicantics.com)
Academic Antics is a non-profit educational program located in San Jose, CA.  We offer hands-on small group learning opportunities, clubs, activities, and field trips for homeschool families and the greater community.

Adolesco (
In Latin, “Adolesco” means “I'm growing.”  We believe that learning a new language, understanding another culture, and growing beyond our cultural boundaries benefits ourselves, our families, and our world.  We offer children and teens ages 9 to 17 three-week to three-month cultural and language immersion foreign exchanges in France, Germany, and Spain.  Children are carefully matched with exchange partners and spend the entire exchange together:  half at home and half abroad.

American School (
The American School offers accredited high school courses students need at a cost they can afford. Students choose either the General High School or College Preparatory Program, both of which contain 18 units of credits, including electives.  The American School offers more than 70 courses, several of which are available in print and on-line formats.  Students work entirely at their own pace, and 24-7 assistance is available in the On-line Student Center.

**Barefoot Books (
For over twenty years, we have created bright, colorful books for children that combine beautiful artwork with captivating storytelling.  Our books capture the imagination, spark curiosity, inspire creativity and instill a respect for cultural, social and ecological diversity.  Barefoot Books is an independent publisher.  We specialize in carefully crafted children’s books, CDs, games, puppets, puzzles and gifts that celebrate enduring values and inspire creativity.  Age range is Newborn to 12 years old.  

**California Great America (
California’s Great America features educational opportunities for families to enjoy a unique learning experience at a theme park.

**Celtic Art Store (http://www.celticartstore.net)
Mandalynths: Celtic Focus Tools for Meditation, Mindfulness and Mental Exercise.

**Dawn Sign Press (
DawnSignPress, a Deaf-owned company, creates, develops, and publishes quality American Sign Language (ASL) videos and books.  After 35 years of pioneering ASL products, DawnSignPress is still on the cutting edge of the educational and social media trends relating to ASL.  Now, with ASL’s popularity in the mainstream on a steady rise, DawnSignPress looks to offer quality ASL to a wider audience.  DawnSignKids is a division of DawnSignPress, which creates, develops, and publishes quality children’s ASL videos and books.

Daybear (
Our mission is to enable parents to stay home with their children and earn the necessary income to provide a better life for their family by helping them to open, manage and operate an in-home childcare.

Dharma Realm Buddhist University (
Dharma Realm Buddhist University is a community dedicated to liberal education in the broad Buddhist tradition - a tradition characterized by knowledge in the arts and sciences, self-cultivation and the pursuit of wisdom.  Our Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts is a classical text-based program with an integrated curriculum taught in small seminar-style classes of up to 15 students using the method of shared inquiry.  DRBU is located two hours north of San Francisco in Mendocino County in Ukiah, CA.

Fusion Academy (
Fusion is much more than an accredited private middle and high school for grades 6-12 – it’s a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships and one-to-one classrooms unlock the academic potential in every student and create opportunities for emotional and social growth. In a Fusion one-to-one classroom, the educational experience is completely customized to ignite a student’s passion for learning. Classes are self-paced, and course material is presented in ways that suit students’ individual interests, strengths and challenges. We have 15 campuses in California and are a quickly growing national program.

**Future League (
FutureLeague teaches kids engineering + coding via year-round workshops, competitions and showcases.  Kids create mini projects that culminate into a capstone project.  All workshops are progressive.  We offer a wide variety of options to experience our curriculum, from a 'textbook' of exercises to hardware kits (robots, etc), to teacher/coach training, and online and offline classes.  Topics include:  iOS app creation, Minecraft and Javascript coding, Arduino robotics, Lego Robotics, and IoT projects.

**GHF (http://www.giftedhomeschoolers.org)
GHF works to support, educate and advocate for families regarding their choice of educational path for their gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) children around the world.  GHF is changing the way the world views education.

**Glass Gamz (
We offer a unique word tile game that is great for vocabulary and basic math.

Greenheart Travel (
Greenheart Travel is personally invested in providing cultural immersion programs that change lives, advance careers and create leaders. For high schoolers, we offer study abroad for a trimester, semester or year as well as summer language camps and volunteer programs. We also provide teach, volunteer, and work programs for adults, and group programs for students, families, teachers and more!

Guardian Princess Alliance
Guardian Princesses are the heroines of a NEW BOOK SERIES. Our stories transform the cultural meaning of the princesses into inspiring leaders who take action to protect the people and the planet.
Our diverse princesses model compassion and intelligence, the power of knowledge and collective action. We create products for the children that are EDUCATIONAL, ENTERTAINING, and EMPOWERING.

Halstrom Academy (
Halstrom Academy is a private middle and high school with 15 campuses throughout California. We offer flexible scheduling and individualized 1:1 instruction to ensure that all students meet their full academic potential. We believe that in education, one size does not fit all and therefore, schedules are tailored to each student's needs. The Halstrom staff work closely with students and their family throughout the educational journey. All students are provided with the support and tools necessary to succeed.

IEM Schools: Ocean Grove, South Sutter and Sky Mountain (
Innovative Education Management runs 3 schools, serving most of California.  These California Public Charter Schools are based on a model of Independent Study, offering parents choice in curriculum and activities.  *Representing Ocean Grove Charter School, South Sutter Charter School and Sky Mountain Charter School.

IMACS California (
IMACS is an extraordinary math and computer enrichment program teaching logical reasoning and creative problem-solving to bright elementary and middle-school children.

ImagiKnit (
We are a yarn shop in San Francisco specializing in all types of fibers for knitting, crocheting, spinning, felting and weaving.  We also have patterns, books, supplies, gifts cards and hand knits.

**Justice Kennedy Library and Learning Center
The Justice Kennedy Library and Learning Center in the Robert T. Matsui US Courthouse, Sacramento offers tours, guided court observations, exhibits and civic educational programming. Please drop by and learn about our 9th Circuit Essay and Video Contest open to high school students and summer teaching institutes in Fresno and Sacramento open to home schooling parents to attend and how to work with your closest federal court for other opportunities.

**Kendama (
FIND US IN THE EPIC PLAY SPACE!  The Kendama is a stylish, yet deceptively addictive Japanese wooden skill game that challenges your hand eye coordination, balance, and creativity. Mastering the Kendama takes practice, focus, patience, and creativity. It can be played by young and old alike. There are endless trick possibilities for both the beginner and the seasoned master. Kendamas will be available to demonstrate and purchase! Kendama: Easy to learn, a challenge to master.

**Know Yourself (
Know Yourself is an Oakland-based creative media company that develops awesome, funny, entertaining, and educational products that provide a self literacy and self-esteem foundation for kids of all ages. Developed by our expert team of writers and educators, our books, comic books, clothing and subscription-based Know Yourself Adventure series are designed to help kids learn anatomy, physiology and psychology from the inside out.

Language Bird (
LanguageBird offers UC/CSU and NCAA approved online Spanish high school courses for students in grades 6-12. In 24 instructional hours 1 to 1 with a private instructor or with a small group online students can complete one full year of high school Spanish. All courses are online via Skype, schedule flexible, challenging, project-based and personalized.

MINDMUZIC is an educational music company that teaches what kids are learning in school through music. Imagine the most popular music on the radio combined with educational lyrics. That’s MINDMUZIC! We cover topics such as: Math, Science, English, History, and much more within Base Core Curriculum! With over 150 songs, from kindergarten through 12th grade, our focus is on three main goals: increasing class attendance, motivating students, and improving grades.

**Nature Trading Cards (
Nature Trading Cards have beautiful wildlife photos on the front and interesting facts on the back. Over 200 species of plants and animals are represented, from redwood trees to poppies, whales to krill, coyotes to stink beetles, as well as 70 different birds. You can customize your collection of species to fit the ecosystems you’re interested in. Use them in habitat and food web exercises.  Take them on the trail as a guide.  Visit www.naturetradingcards.com. And now there’s a game:  Get Nature Links on your Ipad or Android tablet.

**Nature of Art for Kids (
High quality, non-toxic and earth-friendly art supplies for painting, drawing and sculpting.  Art Books and curriculum.  

Pathways Charter School (
Pathways Charter is a non-classroom based public school operating in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Solano and Lake Counties using the Independent Study model.

**Pathways Dojo (
We combine ninjutsu (ninja) martial arts skills with nature connection, awareness, and survival skills.  We have an online e-course and training videos that allow student to train at home in ninjutsu and the ninjas in nature ranks.

Peach Blossom (
Peach Blossom School PCP provides legal enrollment, record-keeping, guidance, counsel and encouragement to homeschooling families throughout California.  Free initial consultation to determine whether Peach Blossom School is right for your family.

**Pianomouse (
Pianomouse's Musical Circus is a comprehensive music learning program designed for children ages 4 and up.  Pianomouse is an interactive educational system that is fun, effective, and easy to use. Pianomouse’s Musical Circus teaches children beginning musical concepts.  The curriculum includes 4 Lesson Books, 4 Activity Books, and 4 Interactive Audio CDs.  Your child will learn piano, rhythm, music vocabulary, ear training and so much more.  This award-winning program will capture your child’s attention through fun and engaging lessons.  NO MUSIC BACKGROUND REQUIRED.
Quantum Camp (
Outsource your math and science to QuantumCamp! Our programs are full courses, not supplemental. Students come to class one day per week and are provided digitally delivered extensions which allow them to revisit and reinforce the ideas throughout the rest of the week. Extensions consist of suggested activities, relevant readings and videos, and practice sets. In school, students do experiments and work on projects which are designed to facilitate revelation in math or science. Students are energized from acquiring this new piece of knowledge and eagerly go home and study it from different perspectives at their own pace in a chair, at their desk, on their head... or wherever!

Reach and Teach (
San Mateo's Independent Bookstore. Everything at Reach and Teach is focused on Gender Equality, Sustainable Living, and Peacemaking. We offer books, toys, teacher resources, and fair trade gifts for all ages.

**Sacramento College of Education (
San Mateo's Independent Bookstore. Everything at Reach and Teach is focused on Gender Equality, Sustainable Living, and Peacemaking. We offer books, toys, teacher resources, and fair trade gifts for all ages.

**School Technology Resources (
STR specializes in hand-held microscope cameras.  Just touch the camera to an object and display the magnified image on a computer, tablet, iPad or TV.  Easy to use, fun to do, and very engaging for all ages.  See live video as you examine objects, capture pictures, movies, and time-lapse.  STR has complete education kits, with curriculum and accessories for every grade level.

**Silicon Valley High School (
We offer self-directed online courses for high school students.  We have both traditional courses (algebra, history, etc.) as well as 'real life' courses like Social Media, Mandarin, Business Basics, etc.

Square Panda (
Square Panda is a phonics playset that combines early reading skills and multi­-sensory play to unlock learning. The playset includes letter toys that interact with our learning apps on iPad.

**The Comic Shop (
Board games, graphic novels, manga, dice, collectible card games (such as Magic the Gathering and Pokemon).  Board games from the following companies:  Mayfair, Rio Grande, Family Games, Smart Games, Ravensburger, Fantasy Flight, Blue Orange, Wizards of the Coast, and others manufacturers.

**The Game Academy (
The Game Academy is a non-profit organization committed to the social, emotional and academic success of learners of all ages through the use of tabletop role-playing games and live-action role play. We offer weekly educational gaming classes, an immersive Adventure Gaming summer camp, and classroom collaborations with educators.

**The TechShop San Jose (
TechShop SJ provides leading maker space based STEAM education programs, including workshops, summer camps, homeschool and after school programs.  COME SEE OUR 3D Printer and Laser Cutter!!!

Think Bigger @ Share Path Academy
Think Bigger! is a team of educational consultants, parents and community members providing classes, tutoring and microschool support to home-schooling families and self-directed learners of the Mid-Peninsula.

Trackers Earth (
Trackers Earth facilitates high quality educational experiences in outdoor learning environments with a specific focus on ancestral skills including wilderness survival, archery, fishing, story telling and homesteading.  We offer programs year round to both adults and children. 

UnCollege (
The UnCollege Gap Year equips young adults with the skills that are required to succeed in today's economy but which few students actually learn. Our nine-month experience-based program teaches participants practical skills they miss in most conventional learning environments through a blended approach of self-directed learning, international immersion, accountability training, mentorship, portfolio development, and professional internships.

**Usborne Books and More (
Award winning educational childrens' books.

Wild Child Freeschool (
We believe children greatly benefit from free play, time spent outdoors, and building positive relationships with amazing adult role models -- Wild Child combines all three! Wild Child creates a safe space for kids to learn to interact with a community independently of their parents.  A primary goal of Wild Child's 14-week program is to encourage a child's independence and confidence in developing relationships with their peers. In addition to providing deep nature experiences, we are committed to helping kids discovering their own unique interests, and how - at any age - they can be involved in creating a better world.

WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS are richly illustrated, wordless books designed for students of all ages who become PUBLISHED AUTHORS of their very own children's books!