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**Academic Antics (www.academicantics.com)
Academic Antics is an enrichment program serving homeschool families in San Jose, CA. We offer a variety of classes, programs, field trips, and clubs that welcome all families with TK-12th grade students. Many of our classes are unique that you may not find anywhere else, but we offer both non-traditional and more traditional options for high school.

Adolesco (www.adolesco.org)
Give your child the world! Adolesco offers friendly and adventurous children and teens (ages 9 - 17) the opportunity to live in Europe with a carefully matched exchange partner and their family for up to three months, then host in turn. Learn French in France, Spanish in Spain, or German in Germany and make a friend for life!

**BEan In Nature (www.beaninnature.com)
What we do:  In a time of earth’s fragile ecology, BEan In Nature's mentors, help children connect with wonder and amazement to the natural world, growing their innate curiosity and passion for the earth and its flora and fauna.  We do this through mentoring, guided creative exploration and hands-on discovery.  Our caring staff uses ancestral teachings and primitive technologies to build upon children’s reverence and to create lifelong stewards of the natural world.
Our philosophy:  BEan In Nature mentors facilitate kids to love, care and connect to nature not by using a ‘teach at the child’ didactic model, instead we use the skillful art of questioning, creative guiding and mentoring, experiential child-led focus and facilitate learning by doing, where we share our contagious enthusiasm, our imagination, and our own love of nature.
We believe that connecting to nature with the guidance of a creative nature mentor, who skillfully facilitates nature awareness, ancestral skills and crafts, while out in nature’s classroom, allows children to develop a strong sense of self and a natural love of science. In this design children are naturally accessing their whole imaginations, incorporating their whole focus, all the while growing into amazing earth stewards.
Who can participate?  Participants include ALL homeschooling and traditional schooled families interested in participating in a nature-based program that fosters respect for the earth and a deepened awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. Since a primary focus of the program is on social-emotional development and community building, we encourage parents to stay for our morning circle and come early for story of the day, at closing circle.  Ages:  5 1/2 - 14

Blue Sky Schooler (www.blueskyschooler.com)
Blue Sky Schooler portfolio app was created by a long-time homeschooler specifically for homeschoolers. Our portfolio app allows families to easily record and track activities throughout the year. Samples of work, reports, and photos can be quickly sent out as needed.  Then, at the end of the year, various logs can be created, official transcripts made, and a portfolio/memory book can be created (hard copy for memories and digital portfolio version for college submission).  And when your homeschooler finishes high school an official diploma can be generated.  The app is designed to work seamlessly with your charter school, umbrella school or personal school if you filed a PSA.

**Booklandia (www.booklandiabox.com)
Booklandia is bridging the gap in Spanish and Bilingual literacy for young readers.  We have a monthly subscription box of authentic Spanish and Bilingual books for babies to young adults.

Burlingame Public Library / Peninsula Library System (www.burlingame.org/library)
The Burlingame Public Library, part of the Peninsula Library System. An incubator for sharing information, imagination and innovation. Our goals include providing engaging, customized experiences; building inclusive community connections; and fostering a wide range of literacy and life skills.

BYU Independent Study (www.byu.is)
Our rigorous, online middle school and high school courses provide flexibility for your students who need to catch-up, recover credit, or get-ahead. With a large selection of core and elective courses to choose from, let us help you offer more opportunities to your students. Enrollment is available any time. Use our instructors or your instructors. We provide the options that your school needs.

**California’s Great America (www.cagreatamerica.com)
Homeschool Days
California’s Great America is offering an exclusive educational discount price to all Homeschoolers and their families during our private Physics, Science, and Math Day. With admission you will receive access to California’s Great America’s 100 acres of fun!

Compass Charter Schools (www.CompassCharters.org)
Compass Charter Schools is one of California’s leading WASC-accredited independent study charter schools serving many counties in CA. They offer two programs for scholars: Online and Options (Home Study). Compass is committed to creating a collaborative virtual learning community inspiring scholars to appreciate the ways in which arts and sciences nurture a curiosity for lifelong learning & preparing scholars to take responsibility for their future successes. So, whether it be their Options program with instructional funds and parent-choice curriculum, or the Online program with engaging online curriculum, CCS is a great choice for homeschool families in California!

Critical Language Service (www.CriticalLanguageService.com)
CLS provides structured foreign language courses in Arabic, Spanish and French, taught by live teachers via Skype. Our highly qualified teachers work from the countries in which these languages are spoken; giving your student a chance to form meaningful global connections.

**Dharma Realm Buddhist University (
Dharma Realm Buddhist University is a community dedicated to liberal education in the broad Buddhist tradition - a tradition characerized by knowledge in the arts and sciences, self-cultivation and the pursuit of wisdom.  We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a focus on Eastern and Western classical texts.  All vegetarian campus located 110 miles north of San Francisco.

Discovery Of Learning (
Discovery of Learning is an enrichment center that considers the needs of the whole child. We offer a program for TK - High school that incorporates math, language arts, social studies, science & electives. All through a hands on, interest based , individualized approach. Discovery of Learning finds value in building community with homeschooling families. We support families through our parent support meetings, park days, fieldtrips & more.

Fisher Hart Academy (
At the Fisher Hart Academy we provide foreign language classes (Spanish, French, Portuguese) with university-level professors from the convenience of your own home. We focus on small classes (6-10 students) to provide personalized attention. Our students are provided a link to access a live, virtual classroom where they interact face-to-face with a language professor and other students from across the country. All materials are included and classroom time is devoted for speaking in the target language. You won't learn a language unless you use it, which is why we employ an innovative, communicative approach incorporating all four language-learning skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

**GHF:  Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (
GHF is an international nonprofit that reaches millions of people each month on every continent. We are working to change the way the world views education to better support and accommodate differently-abled learners, including learners who are gifted, autistic, ADHD, or have other neurological differences. We recognize that gifted people have different neurological wiring, and are not necessarily high achievers—just as not all high achievers are gifted. Many of our community members are families who homeschool one or more children; many others do not homeschool but are open to learning from others with children like theirs. Many of our community members teach in or work for the public school system. Many of our members who homeschool do so because the public schools fail to meet their needs, making us very much in favor of improving the public schools as a viable option for all students.

**Homeroom Education (
At Homeroom Education, we believe families that learn together, grow together! Through our enriching small-group Workshops, hands-on Family Learning Excursions, and Publications, we reach out to embrace and create inspired ways for students and families to grow together in a diverse and supportive community.
In our Workshops, students get involved and are challenged to grow like never before! Homeroom Education’s small-group workshops, satellite after-school workshops, and interactive games provide immersive interdisciplinary learning environments that leave textbooks and classrooms behind.
Family legacy learning is an important part of deeper life-long learning experiences. By joining our Family Learning Excursions scholars of all ages get involved with our hands-on, community centered learning adventures. Homeroom Education has partnered with local Bay Area businesses, organizations, and educators to offer unique, on-location excursions ranging from organic farming to NASA technology that help families connect with their community and each other!
Our publications share timely information on parenting, academic philosophies, and learning modalities in a respectful and collaborative exchange of ideas. Follow our blogs and Facebook page to learn more about what our multifaceted educational community has to offer you.
By providing robust, supportive and diverse educational experiences, we work together as a community to empower youth, and families, to dream big, reaching their full potential!
Homeroom Education, where curriculum comes alive!  

**Hoop Kitchen (
HOOP KITCHEN is a Bay Area Basketball Class for beginning to advanced Home School and Charter School students! The workshop features skill development & game play in a fun, family environment.  Workshops are directed by Coach Billy Boidock, a former college point guard and Home Schooler from Dallas.
Boys and Girls: lace up your sneaks and join us at a class soon! Email Coach Boidock at: billy.boidock@gmail.com.

Horizon Globe (
Horizon Globe is a complete astronomy curriculum for ages 10 and up. It consists of a device for modeling the sky and a book for self-paced learning.

IEM Schools: South Sutter, Ocean Grove, Sky Mountain (
Ocean Grove is driven by a strong tradition of advocating for parent choice in education. We serve students in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties. Ocean Grove provides each family with a generous amount of instructional funds to spend on curriculum, lessons, classes and more from our large vendor list. As a family, you work with a highly qualified Education Specialist to help develop a personalized learning plan for your child.

Inspire Charter Schools
Inspire Charter Schools is a tuition-free, personalized learning, public charter school for TK-12th grade students. Offering both flexibility and choice, families are empowered to tailor a school program that is designed around the specific need of each student. With a fully credentialed teacher, flexible learning models, and a wealth of enrichment opportunities, Inspire Charter Schools is 21st Century Learning at its best!
Inspire offers the most freedom and flexibility for families to choos from one of our many hand-picked curriculums or bring in one of your own. The choice is yours!  Calling all current Inspire families! Come visit our booth and use your enrichment funds on vendors HERE at HSC!

**Justice Kennedy Library and Learning Center (kkelso@ce9.uscourts.gov)
Kennedy Center offers free court observations, tours and civic education programs at the Robert T. Matsui US Courthouse in Sacramento.  

**Kendama USA (
Kendama USA has brought kendama to a new level. Our team of professional players share the joy of kendama through workshops, demonstrations, live events, and social media. Kendama is a skill toy that challenges your hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and patience! Do you have what it takes?! Come play kendama!  

Kitaabworld.com (
We're an online independent bookstore that curates diverse children's books, including many Barefoot Books, and also South Asian books.  

**Microduino (
Since 2012, Microduino has been a leading manufacturer of electronic building blocks and modules. We take great pride in our product and have worked hard to build a community of makers and electronic enthusiasts of all ages and skillset. We invite you to join us and test the bounds of your creativity and ingenuity.
As the world becomes more and more tech driven, such knowledge will only become more valuable.

**My Community Classroom (
My Community Classroom is the Bay Area’s newest tech start up aiming to disrupt the way we view education. We believe every family can have the opportunity to not only homeschool their children, but do so from a simple, organized and cohesive platform. We have been referenced as the “Uber” and  “AirBnB” of education, uniting families, one home at a time.  With MC^2, families will be able find exactly what they are looking for and easily connect with other like-minded homeschooling families in any community around the world. You’ll have the opportunity to browse for hosts that specialize in anything from music or dance lessons, math, history or science, plants & animals, sports or even a new language!  Or maybe YOU have something you’d like to offer to your community by becoming the community’s newest host!  Come visit us at our interactive booth and learn how your homeschooling experience is about to get a whole lot easier!

**Nature of Art For Kids (
Earth-friendly art supplies, art books, art curriculum

Online G3 (
G3 offers online classes with live weekly webinars for gifted students studying at grade levels 6 trough 12. WASC-accredited, with several UC a-g approved classes available.

Pacific Charter Institute
Our Homeschool Guild serves homeschooling families throughout the Sacramento and San Joaquin regions while focusing on parent choice, academic growth, and building community.  Generous student fund accounts, parent reimbursement and vendor options, state-minimum compliance requirements and a staff who understands the homeschool lifestyle.  Stop by our booth to learn how you can become part of the Homeschool Guild.  Check out Pacificcharters.org and RioValley.org for more information if you miss us!

**Panda Tree (
Kids love learning Mandarin or Spanish with PandaTree’s live online video lessons. Carefully screened, engaging tutors make it fun for kids ages 5 to 15 to build language fluency and each one-on-one session is tailored to the student. Creative, interactive lessons get kids talking with stories, games, role plays, debates and even virtual 3D tours. Between sessions kids return to their hub to practice and play personalized word games. Parents love the convenience of language lessons in their home– no driving required.

Piper, Inc.
Piper Computer Kit is a STEAM learning platform that blends digital and physical experiences using the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft.  Piper gives students confidence that they can create anything!

**Quantum Camp (
Outsource your math and science to QuantumCamp! Our programs are full courses, not supplemental. Students come to class one day per week and immersed in experiments or activities designed to facilitate revelation in math or science. Students are then provided with digitally delivered extensions which allow them to revisit and reinforce the ideas learned in class throughout the rest of the week. Extensions consist of activities, relevant readings and videos, and practice sets. Energized students eagerly go home and study it from different perspectives at their own pace in a chair, at their desk, in their head... or wherever!  
We encourage a flexible and personalized learning experience in which QC serves as the catalyst and inspiration for students to take on their own learning.

Sacramento County Office of Education (
CHSPE - California High School Proficiency Examination

Changing Lives, Changing Futures!
Every day, people just like you work hard to provide support and understanding to gifted individuals and their families. We donate time, money and expertise so our communities can better serve the social and emotional needs of gifted. We do this every day because it is needed.
Many gifted individuals experience intense emotions, and some are susceptible to mental health issues. Additionally, intense personalities coupled with unusual intellectual ability place gifted individuals outside the norm, and it is common for the gifted to be bullied and ostracized—in the classroom and beyond.
Founded in 1981, following the suicide of a gifted student in Michigan, SENG has worked to offer support and guidance to the gifted community, through education, research, and connection. With the right intellectual and emotional support, gifted people can accept themselves and fulfill the potential of their incredible capabilities. And, perhaps more importantly, they can learn to work with their high sensitivities to feel balanced, happy, and at peace.
Thanks to your generosity, SENG is able to offer a wide variety of services. With the goal of further expanding its activities and reaching more people, SENG also accepts contributions of all sizes from individuals and organizations. Please join us in our work to empower, support, and connect gifted people.

School Technology Resources (
School Technology Resources provides hand-held microscope cameras that make science easy, engaging and fun.  Magnifications from 1x to 500x.  Just touch an object and view, take pictures, measure, draw., label on pictures.

Summit Academy (
Summit Academy is a public charter school program created for homeschooling families, by homeschooling families. Summit puts the child at the center of learning by utilizing personalized funding, hundreds of vendors, and each student's unique LearningStyles Profile, so that success is every time and on purpose!

**The Comic Shop (
Board games, card games, graphic novels, manga; fun stuff for the whole family.

**The Conscious Education Project
The Conscious Education Project 21 Qualities to Create Dynamic Learners is an innovative curriculum designed for 7-16 year old students. The purpose of the curriculum is to refine and awaken a student's perceptions by creatively studying 21 qualities. Each of the 21 qualities was chosen for a specific reason. These are examined in a suggested order. Each quality plays a role in developing a well rounded individual and builds a foundation for a powerful learner. Individual exercises have been designed for all learning styles. There are numerous suggested multi media projects.
Upon completion of this curriculum the student possesses tools for success in life and within their learning environment. This curriculum brings a new awareness to our educational community.

**The Game Academy (
The Game Academy is an educational 501(c)3 non-profit providing educational enrichment programs and summer camps that feature the use of role-playing games for social-emotional development, personal fulfillment and academic success.

Trackers Earth - Bay (
The Trackers Homeschool Outdoor Program is comprised of outdoor skills and artisan crafts for homeschooled and independent study students. You drop off your child and we guide them into a fantastic world of adventure and ancient skills.
Outdoor Learning Year-Round - Our courses are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of homeschool families. Trackers programs are conducted almost entirely outdoors, fostering active engagement with the lessons and the land. For some specific projects in Berkeley we may also utilize our historic Trackers Guild Hall for fine craftwork projects and more.
All students learn skills from all four Trackers guilds:
Rangers Guild:  Outdoor Survival, Animal Tracking and The Curriculum of Shadows
Wilders Guild:  Wild Plants, Homesteading and The Way of the Wilder: Regenerative Ecological Relationships
Mariners Guild:  Fishing, Water Plants and Water Ecology
Artisans Guild:  Theater & Storytelling, Fine Craft Work and Leadership

**Unschool Adventures (
Unschool Adventures runs life-changing trips, retreats, and virtual workshops for unschoolers, homeschoolers, and other self-directed learners ages 14-19.  Our programs bring together groups of teenagers who are hungry for new experiences, real-world challenges, and deep personal connections. Each adventure offers a high level of freedom and responsibility, reflecting the independence that our participants already enjoy at home.  No matter if you join us for a multi-month trip or a short workshop, you’ll walk away with new friends, unforgettable memories, and a fresh vision of what’s possible in your life.

**Usborne Books and More (
Educational, award-winning children's books.

**Where Stories Begin (
Where Stories Begin brings together writing and illustration into kits and units of instruction, that help students find the inspiration, motivation, and guidance  to create one-of-a-kind handmade books to treasure for a life-time and beyond.

Wild Child Free School (
We believe children greatly benefit from free play, time spent outdoors, and building positive relationships with amazing adult role models -- Wild Child combines all three!  With a variety of classes available, we offer awesome ways to connect with nature for kids ages 5 - 15.  Wild Child Freeschool programs create a safe space for kids to learn to interact with a community independently of their parents. As a parent drop-off program, a primary goal during Wild Child's 7, 14 or 21 week sessions is to encourage a child's independence and confidence in developing relationships with their peers. Wild Child, Wild Makers, Wild Skills and Wild Projects are full-day nature programs that run from 10am-4pm, and cost less hourly than a babysitter!  In addition to providing deep nature experiences, we are committed to helping kids discovering their own unique interests, and how - at any age - they can be involved in creating a better world.   We are deeply inspired by like-minded nature programs and incorporate real survival and homesteading skills into outdoor adventures. Wild Child has more of an emphasis on free play, unstructured time in nature, and a strong emphasis on cultivating joy – helping kids learn to be a positive influence in the world without taking life (or themselves) too seriously.

We are a Waldorf inspired home school collaborative.
Services and materials we offer include:
- Block rotation and lesson planning support
- Oak Meadow curriculum materials
- Group field trip organization for key grade level experiences, for example: a third grade farm trip
- On site enrichment classes
- Practitioners referral list
WISE serves students residing in Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, Napa, Lake County, Mendocino & Solano Counties.

Wondertale (
When you have a hankering for a good burger, fries, and shake, you go to In-N-Out. When you fancy a little bit of magical kingdom, you go to Disneyland. Likewise, when you need creative writing resources, head on over to the Wondertale booth.
Though we’re here to hawk our own workbook, at our booth you'll also find display copies of many other creative writing products. Plus, we’ll help you understand the dizzying array of choices so you can choose the ones that are best for you and your student.
Wondertale: We’ll help you learn all you need to know about teaching creative writing.