Speaker/Workshop Proposal System is OPEN!

Now is the time to dazzle us with your

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Kids, grownups, teens, and elders are encouraged to apply. 

The Speaker/Workshop Proposal System is open 2/1-3/1 2017.

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Teen Conference Committee

Our Teen Program is the largest teen-run homeschool conference program in the country.  The teen portion of this conference is planned by our Teen Conference Committee.  Each year this group of teens works with our Teen Program Coordinator to plan and execute all of the events within the teen program.  The Teen Conference Committee does everything from choosing workshops to putting on dances and night events. 

Meeting monthly for most of the year, this hardworking group makes sure that the teens will have an amazing time at the conference!

 If you are interested in participating, please contact us at hscconference@gmail.com.  Thank you!